There are lots of ways to market your business and the big thing that has the most impact, the best return on investment is creating those raving fans.

Relationship Marketing is a key business strategy we teach our Members. The key is to understand how relationship marketing can benefit your business and consistently apply the tools.

Just like Bianca, who lives and breathes our relationship marketing strategies we teach to our Real Entrepreneur Women community and her business grew to over 300% in the first 6 months and then doubled again in the next 4 months.

And Anna finally found her voice within 3 months she went from being confused, deflated, defensive and completely lacking confidence… to focused, confident and validated!

Because in our community you get to practice speaking, practice speaking up. We give you the ability to connect with others, talk about your work, who you are, what you stand for, how you can serve. It’s a safe and supportive space to get your business together, practice and get guidance… Then you’ll be able to take that onto social media and amplify your success.

We’re talking effortless client attraction.

We believe we are the sum of the 5 people we spend the most time with, so think about who you’re spending time with right now. If you want to grow a kick ass 6 or 7 figure business then you need to spend more time with other kick ass women doing the same thing or who already have it.  

Just like the ones in our Real Entrepreneur Women Community.

What is important to know, is that the women in the Community come from the mindset of wanting to help you succeed. The one cravat to that, is if they are going to open up the doors and support you when you join, I want you to be willing to share and support them too. This is a group where everyone rises together. Does that make sense?

We’re not for people who are clicky or bitchy, we’re are trying to change the world here. And the only way to do that, is together. So when you get into the Real Entrepreneur Women community I’m just asking that you are willing to support others too. OK?


  • Online Mastermind Networking Meetings 
  • Member Training Handbook and Resources 
  • Exclusive Inner Circle Support Group
  • Exclusive Membership Site Access 
  • Secret Social Media Engagement Strategy 
  • Live Call with CEO Sophie Musumeci 
  • Real Action Business School
  • Invites to Members Only Events
  • Like-minded community who’ve got your back
  • Showcase your business and create raving fans


  • Attend all meetings – 2 a month
  • Present your business in our Showcase session
  • Actively support other members

Members unable to fulfill their membership commitments may have their membership cancelled.

The full membership agreement is detailed within the Membership Contract Terms & Conditions available to new members before joining.


Membership is for 12 months from date of joining, we do offer a payment plan option.

To become a Member you have 2 options:

  1. In Person Communities in Adelaide, Melbourne & Sydney – Come check us out at our next event. You’ll love it and then we can chat about the application process. Places are limited. Register via the home page list of up coming events in your local area
  2. Virtual Communities across Australia – Book in a call with us today to discuss if this is the right fit for you. (LINK COMING SOON)